How to Prepare for an Extended Business Trip

Travel is an important part of business, mostly because the times when team members are asked to travel are times of essential business activities like pitching new business. When you’re about to embark on a business trip, you want things to go as smoothly as possible so you’re fully rested and prepared to do the job at hand.

Business travel can be unpredictable. There are cancellations and delays and changes in itineraries. So make sure you put as much time, effort and energy as possible into preparation so you’re able to roll with the punches and get the job done while away from the office.

Things to Consider Before You Go

There are a few key considerations that never change and that should always be top of mind as you get ready for a business trip. You want to think about the location you're visiting and the time of year you're going to be there. What will you need? A coat? An umbrella?

Also, consider the length of your stay. You want to have enough clothing so you don't run out while you're traveling, but you also don't want to be overly burdened by things you won't need or use. And, finally, consider the language of the destination country if you're traveling internationally. Be familiar with some common phrases and terms, or take a resource where you can quickly look them up.

Unique Considerations for Extended Business Trips

Some business trips are a little different. That includes extended business trips when you’re going to be away from your family, home and office for a few weeks or even a few months. These extended business trips have several more considerations and decision factors that aren’t present in more traditional, short-term business travel. To help you make the most of your next long-term adventure, here’s a look at tips for going on an extended business trip:

  • Packing: Consider how much you’ll need for the length of your stay. Access to on-site laundry is important, too. If you have easy access to a washer and dryer — or a laundry service — you can get away with less clothing. But, if doing your laundry is going to be more challenging, you’ll want to take more things. Once you decide what to take, you need to decide what goes in your carry-on and what goes in your checked baggage. You always want to have a day’s worth of toiletries and clothing in your carry-on, just in case your bag is lost or delayed for any reason.
  • Finance and Taxes: When traveling for business on extended trips, your company is going to pay for most of your expenses. But make sure you have a firm understanding of per diem and what exactly is eligible for reimbursement and what is not. Also, you’ll want to gain an understanding of tax implications as you travel outside the state or the country. And finally, make sure your bank and credit card providers know that you’ll be traveling. If they suddenly see a bunch of charges in an unusual place, they may place a hold on your account until they can confirm that you made the charges.
  • Housing: Where will you stay on your extended business trip? Will you need to sell or sublet your existing apartment or home? Will you need a hotel, or is it better to choose an extended stay or corporate housing arrangement? Also, consider the length of your extended business trip and whether or not permanent relocation is a possibility. Those factors could influence your decision on housing.
  • Pets and Families: Of course, any time you’re away on business is time you’re away from your loved ones, including family and pets. If they are coming with you, that’s great. If not, you’ll want to build time into your schedule for them to come and visit you. It’s also nice for you to visit them, as it gives you a taste of home during your long business trip.
  • Maximizing Your Experience: No matter where you’re going, there’s always something fun to do or something interesting to see. Make sure to carve out time to visit interesting places and see these interesting things. There’s certainly more to life than work, and you’ll want to take a mental break from the daily grind.
  • Technology and Electricity: We are so reliant on our cell phones today, and you’ll want to make sure yours is going to work and there won’t be any associated charges during your travels. Also, if you’re traveling internationally, you’ll need electronics adapters that allow you to plug things in and to charge them.
  • Health: It’s easy to eat out and forget to exercise when traveling for business. But do your best to be mindful of health. Get into a routine that allows for exercise and healthy meals. And be sure you’re getting plenty of water and plenty of sleep. Those things will help you quickly acclimate to your surroundings.

Consider Corporate Housing

When you’re preparing for an extended business trip, consider corporate housing — an alternative to hotels that creates a more home-like experience. When traveling in the United States, First Choice Corporate Housing can be your go-to option for corporate housing. If you’re searching for the perfect corporate apartment, First Choice is here to help you!

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