When Should You Use Corporate Housing?

Business travel is a reality for most businesses these days. Team members travel to different places for conferences, business meetings, presentations, sales and other purposes. But sometimes, a hotel isn’t enough for a business traveler. That’s when corporate housing makes a nice alternative.

Corporate housing can be a furnished apartment, condo, townhome or house where executives and other team members stay when traveling for business. Here’s a look at the advantages of corporate housing and when corporate housing is the best choice for your business.

Hotels vs. Corporate Housing

The differences between corporate housing and hotels are many. When you choose a hotel, you’re typically choosing a single room with a bed or two, a desk and a bathroom. That’s it. Hotels are just fine for an overnight stay or even a stay of a few days. But sometimes, work takes you and your team members out of town for several weeks or months and in those cases, living out of a hotel can be extremely challenging.

Corporate housing is a much more comfortable and convenient solution for lengthier stays or any stay that demands more space and a more home-like environment. There’s also a difference between corporate housing and apartments. Corporate housing operates similar to a hotel for things like check-in and check-out dates, housekeeping and other amenities, however, it also delivers the benefits of renting a furnished apartment— with corporate housing, you truly get the best of both worlds!

Who Uses Corporate Housing?

Who uses corporate housing? Some of the most common users are executives, relocating employees, long-term travelers — 30 days or more — insurance adjusters, government employees, athletes, celebrities and many others. The common bond among these different users is that they need something close to a home-like situation for long-term durations in the absence of a permanent housing solution. The industries that use corporate housing choose it because of the uniquely valuable solution it provides to long-term visitors.

The Benefits of Corporate Housing

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a hotel. But the  benefits of corporate housing are often highly valuable in certain business travel situations. When you choose corporate housing, you or your traveling team members enjoy more of the following amenities:

  • Space: Hotels can feel awfully cramped, especially in big cities where space is at a premium. Corporate housing often provides multiple bedrooms and a more home-like feel where travelers can stretch their legs and not get claustrophobic.
  • Conveniences and Luxuries: Most corporate housing features a range of amenities, including regular housekeeping, full bathrooms and kitchens, in-unit washers and dryers, fitness centers, swimming pools and more.
  • Savings: When compared to hotels that offer similar amenities, corporate housing is far more cost-effective. There's no long contract like with a traditional apartment lease, and there are no fees and inflated costs like when staying in a comparable hotel.
  • Privacy: Staying at a hotel can often feel like living in a commune if you’re there for extended periods of time. Corporate housing offers far greater levels of privacy without having to sacrifice on many of the amenities hotels provide.

Find Outstanding Corporate Housing

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